Monday, April 4, 2011

Recipe To Pass Along

I'm departing from the norm today and posting a recipe. And no, it's not even a dog treat recipe, but a people treat. I found this at My Carolina Kitchen. Since I began blogging, I've found so many interesting blogs! If I didn't have to work or take care of daily life stuff, I could easily get online and do nothing but read blogs for hours. Even with scarce free time, I do try to visit my favorites at least several times a week. 

I must have been hungry when I visited My Carolina Kitchen on Friday, because the photo of Wild Mushroom Toasts With Eggs in the post looked so delicious I wanted to lick the monitor. I resisted the temptation, but did try it for dinner that night. Yum! And so easy! A couple of substitutions had to be made - Baby Bella mushrooms instead of the assortment of wild mushrooms, and regular onion in place of the shallot. But even so, it was such a treat. I think having "breakfast for dinner" on occasion is fun. If you'd like to give it a try, the recipe can be found by clicking the link above.

And lest today's post be completely devoid of fur and feathers, I have to share this photo I snapped with my cell phone out the front windshield of my car this morning. In my neighborhood, it's not uncommon to find yourself in a "turkey jam." This is sort of like a traffic jam, but caused by turkeys. Even though cars are considerably bigger than they are, the neighborhood turkeys show very little inclination to move out of the way. And when they finally do, it's with this attitude and posture of "oh all right, if you insist." Slooooooowly ambling out of the way, taking their sweet time. And then it never fails - you'll almost have a clear path, and one of them will suddenly remember leaving something on the other side of the road and turn back. There have been times when I've practically had to nudge a turkey out of the way with my front bumper (going 0.2 mile per hour of course). 

"Feel free to go around."


  1. Ah ha, a couple of males chasing after the turkey-babe, eh? We have the same problem here but with Canadian geese. They are super-slow crossing the streets and boy do they have bad attitudes! And the recipe looks yummy too...

  2. Brenda, I'm so pleased you enjoyed my recipe from Sara Foster. I could eat eggs morning, noon and night. In my part of NC baby bellas are considered exotic.

    Love your turkeys. We have them too and when I first saw them, I thought they were fabulous. Now it's just another day.

  3. We are on the "same page" today. I too did a breakfast themed post. That recipe looks delicious! And turkeys in the road! They look pretty tasty too! Have a great week!

  4. Yes the turkeys can be a problem I see!

  5. Ha! Fantastic turkey pic - When we lived in Maine there were wild turkeys about that behaved as well as your turkeys.
    That recipe really does look great - I'm going to save it for my next grocery trip - thanks!

  6. Those are some huge toms! We have a lot around the area, too.

  7. I've made many a recipe from Carolina Kitchen -- Sam does a great job -- look for her corn cakes, yummers!

  8. Anytime eggs for me! Love this recipe...I've been craving eggs since our return from Arizona last week so will probably have this for lunch! Yum! and thank you. :-)

  9. OMG The turkeys are loose! Ah haha, mommy said that photo made her laugh. She also said thanks for the recipe (which I'm gonna try and get a taste of if she ever makes it). Yum!

    Woofs & hugs,