Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. That is so sweet! Just like at my house, all eyes are on Mom!!! Everywhere I go in the house, 4 dogs are sure to follow.

    Thanks for your nice comment about my lunchtime walk with Halle. Those 2 chickens were a hoot! I did not expect to see chickens in downtown ANC. But the charter school where they live is super cool. I agree with your comment. We don't take more time showing places where we spend time. I think I will do more of this sort of post! People have been so gracious but I am sure everyone got tired of my snow shoveling rants. But you were all very gracious. I do enjoy seeing your wild turkeys. We have nothing like that here - I would steer pretty clear of them! As we must do here with moose. Our poor moose are so stressed from all the snow and lack of food. They are especially dangerous if encountered. They can (and have) stomped people to death. One must avoid moose at all costs even though they look harmless. They are very dangerous.

  2. So wonderful to be doted upon... :-))))

  3. happy Wordless Wednesday everyone, what's your plan today, wanna go outside?

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  4. Always good to stick together
    Benny & Lily

  5. Just lovely friendship!
    Kisses to Katie, Lucky and Lady.

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