Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Wonderful (Endangered) World of Bees

Perhaps you've heard of the bee crisis. For reasons both known and unknown, colonies are collapsing, and honeybee populations are dwindling. It's a serious situation, with potentially grave consequences for the food chain. In my particular corner of the world, bees are even more endangered than elsewhere, but not because of pesticides or climate change. No, it's because my dog has made it her mission in life that we have a bee-free environment. I have tried to explain pollination and the food chain to her, but she doesn't seem to care.

Lady is fascinated by bees, and will eat every one that I am not able to personally protect. Bumblebees are a particular favorite.

Thankfully, she doesn't spend time outdoors by herself, so most of the time I am able to intervene. But why one would be drawn to chomp down on something that stings your tongue and mouth, I have yet to figure out. And she does get stung. That initial chomp is predictably followed by a facial expression that conveys the following:

"OUCH! ICK!! BLEAH!" chomp...chomp..."OUCH!"...chomp..."UGH!"

Then follows several minutes of licking and facial contortions. Sound like a fun experience? No! So what is the fascination?? That part remains a mystery. Maybe they taste good, once you get past the stinger. Lady will lurk near the flowers, mesmerized by the sound of the bees buzzing.

And, once I begin scolding in earnest "Lady, NO! Leave the bee alone!" - I get this look. Sheepish, mixed with disappointment that I insist on ruining her fun.

* sigh *


  1. Maybe she is doing bee therapy to help with arthritis.

  2. To hear there are other dogs on the planet that chase bees makes me feel much better about my labrador retriever's mental health. She chases bees constantly...especially around the blossoms on my squash plants. The other day she was snapping at one and two started buzzing around her hiney..and scared her to death..she came and hid behind me. I said "yeah, you're a tough one..." Love the blog, girl..Tim