Monday, August 1, 2011

The Camera Is Our Friend

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great summer. We're back from a few months' vacation from the computer and blogosphere, and eager to "catch up" with all our blogging friends! One of the projects we've been working on this summer is Katie's camera phobia. A dog simply cannot live in a household with me, the Queen of Shutterbugs, and be terrified of cameras. So I launched a rehab program that consisted of pairing the dreaded object, the camera, with a fervently desired object - peanut butter. Slowly but surely it's working. Check it out!

I will stand here and wait for peanut butter,
but I will make myself very, very small.

And I will look away. The camera cannot steal your soul if it can't see your eyes.

Better not take any chances. I'm outta here.

I don't understand why my brother looks so happy.

Okay, I'll stand here for just a few seconds.
This peanut butter is really good.


  1. yes the camera is your friend
    Benny & Lily

  2. Good thing Katie is food motivated! And who wouldn't want some good ol' peanut butter that gets stuck to the roof of your mouth. Got any for me??

  3. Great photo sequence! My favourite shots are the ones in which Katie is walking away.. Lucky is so into it he could care less about what everyone else is doing while Lady investigates her paw? not sure what she's doing, but I think the backs of dogs heads are super cute, especially when it's clear that they are busy thinking or distracted by something. I absolutely love those shots of Lady. I know, I'm weird.

  4. That last picture is so poignant - Katie is coming along. Your pack looks great! Welcome back!

  5. Yummy treats will conquer most anything!

  6. It's great to hear from everyone - I've missed you all! Am looking forward to catching up on all your blogs. Heather - if you like "back of head" photos, I could really set you up. I have probably a hundred of the back of Katie's head, lol! In this particular sequence, Lady is distracted by a blob of peanut butter that somehow ended up on her leg. :)

    And Tucker, Katie's brother Lucky would do anything for any sort of treat. He'd walk through fire for a carrot, a hunk of broccoli stem, anything. But Katie has more discerning tastes. She cannot be enticed near a camera for any sort of dog treat. It has to be peanut butter, or something equally delicious like steak. I wonder if "girls" tend to be pickier eaters than "boys" in general??

  7. So happy to see the kids again, and have you back. :) I'm sure the time away from the blogosphere was rejuvenating...or at the very least freed up lots more time to enjoy Nature. ;)

  8. oh yeah contact me at! I would really like to hear more about your dog. I am also going to be selling homemade dog treats to help pay for jacks treatment so if you want any I'll hook you up :) Oh and thanks about the writing thing. I get it a lot. I want to be an author when I grow up. Anyways contact me when you get the chance and tell me about your dog. Thanks.

  9. Oh that is wonderful and hilarious!!!! So glad you are back on the blog!!!!!!!

  10. What a great idea, Brenda!
    Great photos!