Saturday, August 6, 2011

Unidentified Crawling Object

My niece and I were working on a Jumble puzzle out by the pool one afternoon recently when we noticed something odd. A crumb of debris on the paper was moving...purposefully! Fascinated, we watched as the little object approached the letter g. At first we thought we were seeing things. Was it being blown by a breeze? No, there was no breeze!

I held the paper up for a closer look, and was amazed to discover that the little crumb had legs! Wow. What a fascinating little creature! From the top, it didn't remotely resemble a bug, rather it looked like a little piece of lichen. We hadn't even noticed it until it started walking. With all the hungry birds around here, if I were a bug I would definitely want to look like an unappetizing bit of lichen. Isn't Mother Nature clever?? 

Does anyone know what it is?

If you like our little "lichen-bug," check out this video. It will boggle your mind! Such marvelous wonders of creation inspire, awe, and humble me. 


  1. Neat. Even moreso because you didn't just brush it off without looking more closely to truly see it.

    As to your comment on my blog, yes, while you were away, we moved from ME to AZ. Change happens... LOL

  2. Very cool! I wonder if the bug really looks like that or is wearing lichen camo.

  3. I remember that! It was so creepy!!!!

  4. I had to google it. It appears as though the lichen bug may be a green lacewing larva. Apparently they camouflage themselves in this way. Amazing!

  5. Nature is amazing.

    Thank you for sharing that. The LOTH says she'd probably have thought it was a crumb and brushed it off. She says she'll take extra care and look closely at EVERYTHING now. You just never know.

    Love and licks, Winnie