Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cooling Off

One of the best things about our new area is the close proximity of great places to hike - and cool off! What a treat on a hot summer day! Lucky has always loved the water, but Lady never was too sure. She would gingerly step into the water, taste it, and then look at me. I would offer all sorts of encouragement, accompanied by enthusiastic hand gestures and pantomine, trying to coax her into a more adventurous approach. That has changed this summer! Lady has abandoned her dainty ways, now honing in on every creek or stream within 50 yards of the trail. 

Katie, who is usually Lady's sidekick in all things, will have nothing whatsoever to do with the water. She won't even stick a toe in or take a drink. I told her she's part labrador retriever, but she apparently doesn't believe me. No matter, we all had fun, wet or not! 


  1. Glad, that are starting to settle in! Am the MOST jealous that all live so close to wonderful water! Was once a time that water was all around near house of self, but no longer. Please to be coming to live with you?

    Also, have been given Liebster blog award today by self! Enjoy!

  2. Glad you guys are settling in to your new place! Looks like a fun day you had here ... and what a beautiful place to hike!

  3. I am glad that you all are enjoying the new place!
    Sounds good that in the new area you are close of great places to hike and to cool off too!
    Love all pictures!
    Wishing you all a pleasant weekend.

  4. Buster thinks the stream looks pretty cool!!!!

  5. MOL Katie might be part Kitty...I don't do water either.. it messes up my furs
    Hugs Madi

    Mom here: Oh to be on the trails with you. We have been trying to get to Asheville since October. Reservations canceled due to hubby's sinus infection, postponed to April, reservations canceled due to my Dad's hospitalization. Once again we have reservations for Oct 2-4...hopefully the 3rd time is a charm
    Hugs Madi and her Mom