Friday, January 28, 2011

Trickster Dogs

The dogs are playing tricks on me this morning! They've thrown a little twist into the usual routine.

Lady and Lucky know my morning routine well. After I get back from my workout, we feed the birds. Lady is resentful that the birds get to eat before she does, and she gazes pointedly at the dog food bin as I twist the top off the bin that holds the birds' food. Resisting her efforts at mind control, I grab the small sacks and the three of us head outside. They follow me around to each feeding station as I put sunflower seed out for the cardinals, suet for the woodpeckers and blue jays, mealyworms for the wrens. The sharp, cold air makes Lucky frisky and he gets a case of "the skittles," skittering about, prancing, and then suddenly darting to and fro. For an old guy, he can move pretty quick when the spirit moves him. Then, just before frostbite sets in (this morning, I happen to be wearing bike shorts), we scurry back inside. Time to get the coffee started. I've got a bag of fresh roasted local coffee this week, and within moments the delicious aroma fills the kitchen.

Hot mug of java in hand, I head to the computer. Lady settles onto her bed by the sliding door, but Lucky follows me. He has learned that "waiting for the computer to boot up" time is excellent dog massage time. Invisible dog though he usually is, he'll sidle up to my computer chair and lean into me. I rub my fingers through his soft black fur, while looking out the window at the first birds to appear with the dawn.

A mockingbird has been visiting this past week. I've never seen a mockingbird at one of my feeders before, but she seems to appreciate the dried mealyworms. The hard drive makes a staccato clicking sound as it comes to life. I wonder - is that a normal clicking? Or a worrisome clicking? I rub Lucky's head, down his spine, then around to his chest as he leans his full weight into me and sighs with contentment. Then I look down.

"Lady??! Where did you come from?? Where did Lucky go??" He is nowhere to be seen. But Lady looks happy to have taken his place.


  1. I love how they have learned to train us.

  2. LOL!!!! Thanks for the morning chuckle! :-)

  3. We have mom trained purrty good too
    Benny & Lily

  4. What? You do a workout BEFORE feeding the critters? I'm allowed to dress and make the bed but my next task MUST be putting out foo.