Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bird Week Day 1: Carolina Wren

Birds of all sizes, colors, and shapes have been visiting my yard lately. They snack on the food at the feeders, splash in the birdbath, and then perch in the forsythia nearby and sing their little hearts out. Birds, like every other creature, seem to respond with obvious joy to the lengthening days and warming temps. I've had a lot of fun watching and photographing them lately, so I hereby decree this week to be "Bird Week!" 

This squat little bird is a Carolina wren, one of my favorites. He loves the dried mealworms I put in the kitchen window box. The first time I spotted this particular bird delicacy at the garden center, I had to overcome the "ick" factor. 

"Worms?? Ewwww..."  
But now I'm used to the whole mealworms-as bird-food concept and buy them regularly during the winter, when insects are scarce. They come in two flavors, plain and fruit-flavored. I'm not sure which the wrens prefer, as they seem to eat both with equal enthusiasm. But the bigger question in my mind is this: how do the makers of this product know these worms are fruit-flavored??


  1. Yummy meal worms. The bluebirds love them here.
    OMC you would not believe the faux pas in bird id in Sunday's N&O. Some reporter wrote an article on a local birder. She had a pic of a white breasted nut hatch...but id it as a Chickadee!!
    MOL that one cracked Mom up. there was a correction in the paper the next day.

    Hugs Madi

  2. Fruit flavored mealworms. Yummy! Love the little wren in your picture. Springtime is not far. I must have hope.