Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day weekend

No posts over the holiday weekend, as a house painting project took over life for a few days. Slowly but surely, room by room, holiday weekend by holiday weekend - the entire upstairs is getting a fresh coat of paint. By now, four rooms into the project, you'd think we would realize that no matter where the paint tray is located, one of the dogs is going to step in it. 

Then follows the predictable series of events - realizing the paint has been stepped in, then trying to grab the offending dog in an effort to keep wet paint footprints to a minimum. Confused, and a little nervous now ("Why is everyone yelling and trying to grab me? Are we playing a game?"), the dog then responds by excitedly prancing about, just out of reach. Splat, splat, smear, yuck. Then, when you succeed in grabbing the dog and locating the paint smeared paw, a struggle ensues with the wet washcloth ("WAIT! What are you doing to my paw?? AAAAA they're going to cut my paw off AAAAA!"). Actually, to be fair, only Lucky responds like that. He has a thing about his paws. Better now than it used to be, but he still doesn't like you messing with his feet. Well, fortunately the mess was fairly easy to clean up, no real harm done.

And Lucky was very sorry for the mishap. Of course, Lucky is sorry about most everything, even things that aren't his fault. He's the most apologetic dog I've ever known - which is ironic, because he is also an impossibly well-behaved dog who tries very hard to always do the right thing. It is immediately apparent when his sister Lady is misbehaving somewhere in the house. You'll be watching TV or reading a book, and suddenly Lucky will tiptoe into the living room with the above expression on his face. You can almost see the word bubble above his head ("Lady is downstairs in the litter box again."). Needless to say, Lady can't get away with much, because Lucky tells on her. He is such a conscientious dog, inappropriate behavior of any sort seems to be intolerable to him. So, if Luckster Boy ever does something like accidentally step in the paint tray, you don't scold him. He's hard enough on himself!

Lady: "Painting weekends are boring
"Painting weekends are boring weekends."


  1. YOUR POSTS ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH!!!! Has our room been painted yet????

  2. Love's AMAZING to me the level of communication that exists with dogs just by using expressions on their face. There are times that our Maggie may as well be communicating with words b/c the expression on her face is very exact. "The chipmunk's out there on the bird feeder again..can I go chase it?" "This is your third cup of coffee and you've not had one of them on the patio..can we go out there now?" "When you're finished with that beer and sit the bottle down, I'm going to turn it over and lap up the few drops that come out...just sayin'...."

  3. Lucky sounds like quite the dog. Can you clone and sell me a copy? :)