Monday, November 18, 2013

Summer, Fall, It's a Blur!

Has it really been more than four months since my last post? My goodness, how is that possible? The months have gone by in a blur! Lots of work, lots of play, but nothing particularly dramatic to report. As summer's heat and humidity gave way to the beautiful crisp days of fall, we got out on the trails as often as possible.

One of my favorite destinations of the past few months was beautiful Crabtree Falls. It was a glorious sight to behold surrounded by the glowing yellow and orange forest. 

Katie has gotten a little too advanced in years to enjoy these hikes, she prefers to stay home now. Her favorite place is in the kitchen waiting for food to appear.

But Lady is still going strong at maybe 8 years, maybe 10 1/2 years of age. She's supposed to be 10 1/2, but I find that hard to believe - she can still jump into the back of the truck with ease.

Back in 2007, the shelter staff told the German Shepherd Rescue that Lady was 4, and her sibling Dixie who had been turned in with her (and was adopted straight from the shelter) was supposedly 1 1/2.

But Lady acted like a 1 1/2 year old then, and she acts more like an 8 year old now, so my theory is some mixed up paperwork! Regardless of her true age, Lady loves hiking and exploring.

Lady's favorite boy came for a visit in September and hit the trails with us, which was great fun. We had a picture perfect day - the only problem was that it wasn't long enough!

Lucy holds down the fort while we're out on these adventures, working with Katie to make sure the house is safe and secure.

We spent a lot of time in Montreat, which is right down the road. I must have a hundred photos of these canoes on Lake Susan in October, but every fall the scene calls out to me and I must attempt to capture it with my lens yet again. After all, the scene is a little different every time I pass by; it's like two snowflakes - no two moments every quite the same!

Will close this brief update post with a photo of Lady, conked out on the living room floor. When Lady is sleeping deeply, after a long day of hiking - and not being her usual vigilant, watchful self - her tongue sticks out a little bit. It always makes me smile. :)

Hope all our blogger friends have had fun this fall, the kind of fun that makes you so "good tired" that your tongue kind of sticks out when you sleep.


  1. What an adorable bunch. Lady is a beauty.

  2. Happy to see this blog post! Love all the photos that go with it. I need to go to Montreat and look for photo ops. It is beautiful! Also, I love how Lady sleeps. :)

  3. So glad you're back Brenda. I've missed you. I can relate to Katie. I'm too advanced in age to hike also and would much prefer to wait in the kitchen for food too :)

  4. I am glad you are back, Brenda!
    Crabtree Falls is gorgeous and the color of the trees are just stunning!
    Katie looks adorable as always. Love how Lady's tongue sticks out a little bit. It makes me smile too!

  5. Those are some very happy puppies, doing the things they love.
    Love the canoe picture. I know what you mean about pictures just begging to be taken even if you already have a million shots of a particular scene, "but this time it's different!". Awesome.