Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bailey and Pumpkin

Time spent in Minnesota was not completely devoid of the pitter patter of little paws. During the holidays I had the opportunity to meet Bailey and Pumpkin, two adorable Shetland sheepdogs. Bailey, the older and wiser of the two, is trying to get used to the idea that the fuzzy puppy that showed up about 6 weeks ago is here to stay.

"Hi! I'm Pumpkin!"
Pumpkin is 16 weeks old, at that wonderful puppy age where everything is an adventure, every object in existence a toy or bone. Of course, this can occasionally be less fun for the family than the puppy. Someone would generally spring into action when things got silent for several minutes. "Where's Pumpkin??"

Then you'd catch the glint of an eye under the Christmas tree.

"I'm being good, it's just my bone!"
Bailey supervises the puppy constantly, making sure that she doesn't get the idea that the toys or beds are hers. However, all this vigilance can be exhausting.

But, even puppies run out of steam sometimes. And then it's time for a nap, preferably snuggled up next to someone you love.

"Nighty nite!"