Friday, January 21, 2011

My Cat-centric Universe

I finally managed to locate an empty box for shipping a surprise package to the kids, but realized I left the packing tape in the kitchen. I was gone from the room for approximately three seconds.

And Lucy was a big help when I was working on critiques for my writing class. I wonder if any of my classmates ever wondered about the little black hairs that often accompanied the helpful suggestions?

She never wants you to get lonely while you're reading the newspaper....

or working on a puzzle.

(P.S. I have to point out that the puzzle Lucy is laying on is a
puzzle of cats and dogs working on a puzzle. Perfect!)

Ahhh, the joys of living in a cat-centric universe! Lucy is the sun, with everyone and everything else designated planets of more, or lesser, importance depending on her mood. Can't imagine things any other way.


  1. LOL Cats do have a way about them... :-) There's really no need, is there, to buy them expensive cat beds when we have cardboard boxes available!

  2. True! And as far as toys - what's more fun than that ring that comes off the milk jug??

  3. Oh yes! Time to work on HW...... "CAT GET OFF MY HW!!!!"