Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy Dreams

I would caution against eating a BBQ veggie quesadilla too late in the evening. That's what I did last night and I had the strangest dreams ever. I awoke at 3:24 am from a dream in which I'd just given birth to triplets. It was such a surprise, because I hadn't been expecting triplets. The bigger surprise however, was that the triplets were puppies! I most definitely had not been expecting puppies. The first two were healthy, but the third had something wrong with it, and it was in respiratory distress. The nurses whisked it off to the NICU.

Now quesadilla notwithstanding, I'm sure I had this dream because of an email I received yesterday about a fundraiser for an acquaintance whose baby was born with meconium aspiration syndrome (you can read the story here). Baby is now at home and doing well, but her parents had no health insurance and are now dealing with astronomical medical bills resulting from over a month in the NICU.

Information about the fundraiser and an email address for how to donate can be found here along with an adorable photo of the family.

But puppies?? You know how dreams are though - whatever happens in them feels both extremely real and completely normal. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to be the proud mother of triplet puppies.  LOL!

The next dream wasn't as fun. Lucy had been hit by a car, but I didn't know it and just thought she was sleeping. It wasn't until I returned home from work that I saw the blood. It was AWFUL. But, this dream also had a happy ending. I rushed her to the vet and soon was told that she was fine - all her bumps and scrapes were superficial. Whew!! I was so relieved! So, all was well that ended well. Even so, I think I'll have something besides Mexican food for dinner tonight.


  1. My dreams are usually terrifying. I think it's my brain's way of processing stress. Oooh, puppies! I've had puppy fever lately. Poor baby... it makes me hold my peapod just a little tighter.

  2. Goodluck!!!
    Crazy dreams can mean things....

  3. Now that is some interesting stuff! I find that I do my most vivid dreaming in the week before a full moon. I think there is always something to be learned from dreams (even if it's just a reminder to avoid spicy foods right before bedtime!).

  4. You know, I kept a dream journal for many years, and was even interested enough to take a course at the local university once on the science and symbolism of dreams. Have any of you ever had those dreams where you're flying? I love those dreams!

    Last year when life was very uncertain and stressful, I dreamed that I was in this place where everyone was attempting to fly, and many of them couldn't do it. They would take off and fly for a few moments, but then drop to the ground. Suddenly I realized that as long as I "believed" I could fly - I could. I can still remember that wonderful feeling of soaring high above the ground, effortlessly, just because I believed. I LOVED that dream - it felt like a gift!