Monday, March 14, 2011

Alexander Makes His Debut

Rescued from an obscure life as Metal Garden Cat 2, "Alexander" has been looking quite proud these last few days, now that he has a name. As soon as I heard that name (the very first suggestion!) I knew that was it. He looks like an Alexander! I think his name has been Alexander all along, and I just never knew it until now. I have to admit I was swayed briefly when the suggestions Wirez and Mewse came along, they were so very clever. But he's an Alexander if ever there was one. 

Now, on to the girls. Garden Cat 3 is likely to be the most difficult to name. It's hard to get a read on a cat's personality when she has no face. But you readers are a creative bunch, so hopefully you'll come through for her. Take a look and see if anything comes to mind...

The drenching rains of last week have greened up 
the grass and made the daffodils sing.

(Can you hear them?)


  1. Pretty flowers!!

    What about Shadow...cause that's all she is, just a shadow with no defining character-ist-ics.

  2. So happy that Alexander is named. :-) She looks like a MonaLisa to me. LOL

  3. Alexander is a good name, he looks like an Alexander. As for Garden Cat 3 Shadow is good or how about Ghost as she is only just there.

  4. Yeah for Alexander! I'm guessing Beatrice. (My parents have a cat named that's all I can think about for that name)