Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where Did Spring Go?

Everything is in bloom, and the grass is a supersonic green color thanks to the recent rains...but it's cold! 45 degrees for a high today, and a freeze warning tonight. Of course I realize cold is relative, so for some of you, a 45 degree day might sound downright toasty. But it's been 70 here! Where did 70 go?

However even as I look forward to summer, I realize there are things I miss when the warm weather is here to stay. When the nights are balmy, you don't get to enjoy the coziness of a fire in the evening, or the simple pleasure of snuggling under a down comforter. I received an electric throw for Christmas, and honestly I'm not sure how I'm going to survive without it this summer. Each dark, cold evening this winter when I'd settle down on the couch for a bit of TV, I'd pull the electric throw over me, flip the dial and cozy! Lucy is addicted to it too. We may just have to crank the air conditioning up so we can use it on occasion.

For now, while we await the return of warm weather, we'll enjoy a few last naps by the fire.


  1. I like your positive spin, though as they're predicting snow for the end of the week, I am so ready for spring. Mainly because we don't even have the blooming here yet.

  2. We're enjoying a fire too -- and keeping fingers crossed that we don't get a freeze to kill all the pretty flowers.