Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lucky's Family Reunion

Lucky got to visit with his sister this weekend, after 7+  years apart. I wish the circumstances were happier. On Friday night, I was shocked and saddened to receive a message that Katie had been returned to the rescue. The woman who adopted her 7 years ago is apparently moving to Arizona and can't take Katie because her grandchild is extremely allergic to dogs. Needless to say, poor Katie is sad and confused.
Like her brother, Katie had been housed at All Creatures Great and Small when the remnants of Hurricane Frances flooded the facility. And for Katie, as for Lucky, that turned out to be a godsend as individuals and rescue groups responded en masse to the crisis. That story can be found in the archived posts Lucky's Story Part I  and Part II.

I'd always wanted to plan a reunion with the woman who rescued Katie. Even though I'd never met her, the fact that the two dogs shared such a dramatic history made me wonder if she might be interested in planning a brief "family reunion" for the two dogs at some point.

This was not what I had in mind.

We took Lucky to visit his sister yesterday, and the two dogs clearly recognized each other. Lucky sniffed and sniffed and sniffed, while Katie's response was even more telling. She wagged her tail. She had shown us nothing other than body language and facial expressions of utter dejection, but when Lucky came over she wagged her tail. The manager at Pet Harmony took photos of the reunion, and sent me several to use as we try to find a new adoptive home for her.

I am heartsick, because taking in a fourth pet is impossible right now due to financial reasons. And I am incapable of fostering. So the personal campaign to seek out a new family for sweet Katie is officially underway. In the meantime, I can hardly think of anything else. :(


  1. Oh, Brenda! This is just heartbreaking. We will spread the word, certainly, and try to think of what more we might be able to do to help. Sending you some hugs.

    Tucker's Mom

  2. Spreading the word. Love Sam!

  3. Oh how very sad! I wish, as I'm sure you do, that you could keep them together with you. I hate to suggest it - maybe a ChipIn page to help raise some "extra" (like there's ever such a thing) money? Either way, I will share to FB. Good Luck!!

  4. Katie looks absolutely heartsick. I am so sorry for this sweet girl. I hope a wonderful home can be found for her. Thanks for sharing her story. At least she is safe and secure while a good home can be found. I sent you an email about Braveheart. If you did not get it, I updated my blog with a direct link to the donation page for helping with his medical care. I promise there are no pictures on the link. Sending positive hope for Katie.

  5. Sending prayers that Katie will the perfect new home. And peace to you, Brenda, as well as a (((BIGHUG))).

  6. Oh my goodness all our paws are crossed
    Benny & Lily

  7. I would be heartsick as well. Let us know when she finds a truly forever home...

  8. What a moving story, Brenda!
    I have tears on my eyes...
    I am so happy that Lucky and Katie are together now!!!