Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Bear Family Fun

When I took Lady out for a run yesterday, I was more careful than usual, making lots of noise. I talked loudly to her as we headed down the street "HERE WE GO, DOWN THE STREET, OFF FOR OUR RUN!! ARE YOU GOING TO RUN FAST TODAY LADY?? LA LA LA LA LA!" I'm sure this made for a ridiculous scene to anyone who happened to glance out the window - "Why Martha, check out this woman hollering to her dog. I bet the poor thing is hearing impaired." But I didn't want to run around a corner and surprise a bear, so I was willing to sacrifice dignity for safety.

We had a lovely bear-free outing, until returning to the house. This is what was waiting for us in the front yard for us when we returned:

Fortunately, I saw Mama before she saw me, and Lady didn't see her at all (we were coming back up the street from the left side of this photo). I waited just out of her sight for 10 minutes or so hoping she'd move on, but she stayed on the branch. I didn't see the cubs, but knew they must have been nearby. Unfortunately, I didn't have the luxury of hanging out down the street all afternoon, Katie was scheduled for a vet appointment. I had to get back into the house.

I decided to climb the hill around the back of the house and try the old fence gate, which hasn't been opened in years. If I could get that open, we could go in through the back. Assuming of course there weren't more bears in the fenced area (which is where we'd found them the previous day). My heart was pounding like a jackhammer when I finally got the courage to poke my head over the fence. It was clear, whew! I'm not sure what I would have done had I come face to face with another bear.

Properly motivated, I was able to shove the back gate open, and we quietly and  uneventfully sneaked into the back of the house. Once inside, I was able to get some terrific photos. Enjoy these pics of our neighborhood bear family - the cubs are adorable!!

"Do you see what I see out there?"
This photo cracks me up. I can imagine Mama saying
"well, guess I'll just sit and stay awhile."
Found the cubs! They were in a tree across the gravel road.
She is such a good Mama - once again she got the cubs down by climbing up there after them. Then she checked them from head to toe to make sure they were okay. 


  1. Aww...they are pretty cute! Mom said I looked like a little bear when I was a pup so that's why they call me AnnaBear! I wouldn't chase you though!!

    I hope mama and cubs stay safe and people leave them alone!

  2. A lovely bear family! Momma bear looks quite lovely and not too thin, she looks to be in good health. What an adventure for you!

  3. Beautiful. She is a big momma
    Benny & Lily

  4. Wow, that is scary and so neat at the same time. What a cute bear family.

  5. Wow! Wonderful! Amazing a freaky!

  6. Mama does look healthy - she is strikingly beautiful. Her cubs look roly poly and robust too. I hope they stay safe. As much as fun as it is to see this little family, I wish they would go back up into the forest. I worry about the cars - am tempted to put up a large "Bears - GO SLOW!" sign at the end of the street.

  7. What an incredible gift! Beautiful photos of mother and babes... And I love how you share your experience of these wild ones!

  8. Great photos!! Mama bear is so beautiful and the babies are adorable.

  9. How amazing!!! Mama bear and babies are stunningly beautiful - and those babies look pretty brand new. Very young. What an exciting day!

  10. Wow, that is scary and so amazing at the same time. Great photos, Brenda!