Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day weekend hike

Tropical storm Lee was forecast to arrive late in the holiday weekend, bringing with it inches and inches of much needed rain. 

So, we seized the day and got out for a hike while the weather was still nice. 

This delightful spot is alongside the Laurel River, where a 7 mile out and back trail runs alongside the river until it meets up with the French Broad. And the most amazing thing of all? The trail is FLAT! I didn't think western NC had any flat trails. Lucky loved getting into the water at every opportunity, paddling out into the current until I'd get nervous and call him back. Lady waded in reluctantly, only because this was necessary to keep an eye on Lucky. She never has been much of a water dog. And Katie said "no thank you, I don't like to get my feet wet." 

Actually, Katie's body language wasn't even communicating "happy," until we turned around to head back at about the 2 mile mark (four miles is about the limit for the two senior dogs). Her tail finally began wagging when we arrived back at the truck. I thought she would read Lady and Lucky's happy hiking energy, but I guess she's still learning to trust in new, unfamiliar situations. Hopefully her confidence will grow with each new outing.

Lady says hiking is fun! The only downside to swimming in the river? Returning home smelling like mud and river water. Which can only mean one thing...

*stay tuned*


  1. What a beautiful place to hike Brenda and I like the sound of "flat trail," since I'm a senior too.

    I can't wait for my husband to read this. I was Katie growing up, never wanting to get my feet wet or my shoes dirty. Funny how our personalities resemble our four-legged friends. And Lady, I know what's in store for you and I bet you do too. (smile)

  2. It looks gorgeous! ONe thing we don't have in Chicago...pretty hiking trails.

  3. What a beautiful photo, and I am loving the Lee weather!

  4. Oh, yes! I know that hike and you're right -- it's flat! Amazing how pleasant!

    And I too have discovered the furminator. It really does a terrific job.