Saturday, September 3, 2011

Enjoy Summer While You Can

Before long, red, yellow, and orange will paint the mountainsides, and the air will be crisp and tinged with wood smoke. For now though, summer hangs on; the breeze is hot and the water sparkles. Think I'll go pour a glass of lemonade. We hope all our friends are having a nice Labor Day weekend!


  1. We are absolutely enjoying this day, at last a cool and comfortable 72 degrees. Here in Denver we had a record-breaking August in terms of the heat (there was much whining!). Autumn is my favorite of the seasons and I look forward to the glorious display of color from our high mountain aspen trees.

  2. Enjoy your Labor Day ... and your lemonade!

  3. Your right! And atop to smell the rises
    Benny & Lily

  4. Today was the last day our Sunday doubles tennis group played outside :(

    We had a tailgate party afterwards. People contributed yummy treats & fruit & there were also mimosas!!

    We will now play indoors on Sundays till next summer. I cannot believe summer went so fast !

  5. Oh it was chilly here today! I love it! I have been waiting for fall/winter all summer!