Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's Go!

Nothing makes the kids happier than going for a ride in the truck. They're as happy about a trip to the grocery store as they are a legitimate destination. Heather Peden's post over at Three Dogs and a Couch reminded me recently that it hasn't always been that way, however. I'd forgotten all about Lucky's early days, when taking him for a ride meant picking up all 75 lbs of him, carefully stuffing him into the back of my Subaru and then trying to keep him there while simultaneously trying to close the hatch without amputating my own hand. That's so funny to think about now. These days, asking Lucky "want to go for a ride?" is certain to induce a state of giddy dog dancing euphoria.

The cooler fall days make for much better ride along days. They don't get to travel much when the temps are in the 80s and 90s - it's just too hot in the back of the truck, even with all the windows open. But lately, the weather has been perfect.

Taking three dogs on an outing is definitely more complicated than taking two dogs, which was more complicated than taking one. And the necessary preparations for the senior dogs takes a little more time yet. But their big smiles make it worth it.

Lady gets a little worried when the preparations begin.

She gets worried that I'll remember the blankets and ramp, the leashes and water dish - and forget the dogs.

Don't worry, Lady, you're coming!

I wonder where we are going today?
OH boy, it's the park! We love the park!


  1. We go thru the same here! One senior standard poodle lifted into the back seat, 3 small ones smushed together on the front passenger seat - they love car rides- Halle the senior especially! She watches all the scenery & I believe she knows all the places we go- especially when we arrive at my office parking lot- she loves the office ( where she spends the day sleeping in her cozy office bed)- I swear she wakes up for potty breaks & then back to sleep until it's time to go home!

    Sorry for the scare - I should have picked a better title for the departed Maytag!! :)

  2. haha, that's so funny and cute! My dogs love going on car rides too and I always love seeing how excited they get!

  3. Very cute!!! We will do anything for a car ride
    Benny & Lily

  4. We thought the 2 dog outing was hard, but now with the 3rd foster, and seat belts, I feel like we're on one of those sitcoms where we keep forgetting things, and trying to buckle someone, and someone is in someone else's seat. Did you have to teach them to use the ramp?

  5. LOL! It's so nice to hear that some of you can relate to the whole "multiple dog" car trip scenario. Having had just one dog most of my life, going for a ride always just meant opening the door and letting the dog hop in. It doesn't exactly work like that anymore, lol (love the sitcom scenario, that's what I feel like too)!

    They did have to be taught how to use the ramp, but it only took a couple of tries before they got the hang of it. We benefited from being able to borrow our next door neighbor's dog ramp before ordering one. That one was smaller, and we learned that in order for our dogs to feel comfortable, we needed to order the bigger (and yes, most expensive) version. They use it readily now, with just a bit of guidance. The guidance is necessary because they still want to jump in and out of the truck, and while Lady is allowed to do that, the two seniors are not. I've seen too many friends dealing with torn ACLs and other such injuries in their older dogs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

  6. Hahaha! Wonderful! Snoopy LOVES car rides! Molly on the other hand is just now getting used to them!

  7. So cute. I love the picture of Lady at the window, lurking in the shadows. "What is that human doing now?" What a sweetheart.