Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman May I Proudly Present...

...Rijnveld's Early Sensation, the first daffodil!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!

It opened up completely yesterday afternoon, and has been singing a song of springtime ever since. It's the first one blooming in my garden, and the first one I've seen thus far in the neighborhood. I was surprised not to notice any in Greensboro on my quick trip over there Monday. That's a warmer part of the state, and I expected to see lots of them. This happy little bloom outside my kitchen window, as early as it is, doesn't get the honor of being the very first bloom, however. That distinction goes to a scrawny little dandelion that I spotted tightly tucked into a mat of grass several weeks ago. I was astonished to see it, and had to pluck it and carry it home, where it sat on a windowsill making me happy until it wilted.

That was the same day I took a photo of turkey tracks in the snow down by the garage. Dandelions and snow - not something you expect to encounter on the same day!

I put the bag of ice melt back in the garage this morning. Hope that doesn't bring on a blizzard next week.


  1. Bummer! Okay, not really, but from the title I zip over here thinking maybe you acquired a new cat or dog! LOL However, the bright, cheery Daff was a delightful surprise nevertheless. :-) Won't see any of those in my neck of the woods for at least another six weeks.

  2. How pretty!! I hope spring stays...I'm ready for flowers and birds and squirrels and squirrel chasing...ahhh spring!!

  3. Now there is hope! I was trying to figure out what kind of bird made those tracks.

  4. spring is on the way...snow?
    Benny & Lily

  5. Wow, beautiful!! And here we are expecting a boatload more snow tomorrow. *sigh*

  6. Oh Darla, a new dog or cat would be infinitely more fun than a daffodil, but alas, no. Our warm weather has continued, and last night we got about an inch of much needed rain. I have a feeling everything is going to burst into bloom only to get annihilated by a hard freeze. Oh well. Guess we better enjoy it while we got it. If winter comes back and kills all the spring flowers, I may have to get a new dog or cat to cheer myself up....