Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Last Sunday while I was supposed to be taking the weekend off from my computer and from blogging (ha!), my new friend Bailey over at BaileyBeGood surprised me with the "Stylish Blogger Award!" What fun! I love awards. I still vividly remember winning the "Yellowest Canary" award in kindergarten. I'd borrowed my grandmother's canary for the occasion. Actually, truth be told, I can't recall exactly what the occasion was...did my class have a "canary contest?" Whatever the event, winning that blue ribbon was the highlight of my fledgling educational career. I'm hopelessly sentimental and tend to save silly stuff like that. I bet if I searched, I could find that yellowest canary award in a box somewhere. But all this is to say, I was pretty psyched about my Stylish Blogger Award! Yaaaay! Here it is:

So as I understand the process, there are a few things I need to do in order to fully accept this prestigious award. I need to link to the blog that awarded me (done!), share 7 things about myself that you may not know, award 7 other blogs that I think are stylish, and contact those bloggers and tell them about the award. Whew, the pressure! But I'm up for it, not to worry.

Okay, let's start with those 7 things you may not know about me.

  1. One time I won an award for Yellowest Canary!  Oops, I already told you that one.
  2. I absolutely despise raw celery. It gives me the shivers.
  3. I've tasted dog biscuits (okay, 'fess up - I bet some of you have too!)
  4. I love going to movies and splurging on the gallon-sized popcorn bucket.
  5. I'm a closet Star Trek fan.
  6. The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was "a writer."
  7. My favorite book of the past year was The Help.
  8. I'm a black belt in Tang Soo Do (ha - bet you didn't expect that one!) 
Now it's time to choose 7 blogs I feel to be deserving of the Stylish Blogger Award! This is going to be harder. In my opinion, all the ones I've added to my blog list this past year deserve this award. I'm picky about blogs, and won't visit or follow unless I am truly interested. But if I had to narrow it down to seven, I suppose these would be my choices:         (drum roll please ......)

  1. Three Dog Blog  love love love this one - great writing, sweet sweet dogs, and she lives in my favorite state, MN, so I get to read all about the insane cold without actually have to live there - LOL! 
  2. Vicki Lane Mysteries daily slices of life in the Appalachian mountains mixed in with gems of wisdom about writing (and the occasional phallic rock formation) - wonderful! 
  3. Jennerally Speaking she has a "secret cat," and the best header I've ever seen on a blog - need I say more? 
  4. Two Pitties in the City just what it says, urban living with two pit bulls - intriguing blog to visit because I know nothing about either, because Ms. M has the cutest face ever, and because their apartment looks awesome, like something off HGTV
  5. Three Dogs and a Couch my blogging soul sister who understands both what it means to love a German Shepherd with all your heart and soul, and what it's like to live with a stubborn, lovable rescue dog that you want to kiss one minute and strangle the next (I still think we need to start a support group).
  6. from kitsnk9s to puspavat  the most unique blog I visit, completely different from all the others - daily doses of insightful spiritual musings peppered with the occasional adorable dog or cat - and you've got to love a woman with a cat draped over her shoulders.
  7. Doggy Days - normally I'm not fond of blogs BY dogs, but this is an exception. Benny and Lily are two adorable French bulldogs whose short and sweet daily posts always bring a smile to my face! 
So that's it. Congratulations to all the winners! And if you've already received this award - congrats again! You can either ignore it, or pass it on to someone you think is deserving. Thanks again, Bailey, for awarding my site. :)  Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Congratulations, Brenda! And many thanks!
    Celery? How bizarre. Due to some childhood trauma, no doubt.

  2. AWESOME! Happy Sunday to you too!

  3. Hey thanks lady. Hey whatdaya mean BY dogs. Who are you calling a dog...BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh my gosh- yay! This is my first ever blogging award and I'm so proud to accept it! *sniffles* I would like to thank the academy...

    Thanks, Brenda! And c'mon, Pupperoni might not taste like Slim Jims but Milkbones don't taste bad at all!

  5. Great post Brenda!

    greetings from India :)

  6. Congratulations, Brenda, on receiving the award yourself! So tickled for you and the enjoyment you express on both ends--receiving and giving! :-) And I am honored that you chose to share the pleasure with me--(((BIGHUG))) to you. Alas, I cannot 'fully' accept and lovingly decline due to the process steps. Still. You are a SWEETIE, and I adore our connection! :-)

  7. Oh, that's so sweet! Thanks so much Brenda, I really appreciate your comment about my blog and that you chose it as one of the recipients of the award, that means a lot. I'm not sure that I can fulfill the terms of accepting the award however, but I really do feel honoured to be included in your list.
    And yes, I think we should form a support group for people who have pets with multiple personalities! It can be draining sometimes, and yet we love them..