Friday, May 13, 2011

My Lucky "Friday the 13th" Birthday!

I hadn't planned on posting today, but just had to get on here and share my birthday joy with all of you... look what I got!! A new, totally adorable garden kitty!!! I wasn't expecting this at ALL, and actually shrieked with joy when I saw her waiting for me outside the back door (yes, I confess I am the sort of person who shrieks over garden art, lol).

What a wonderful day this has been, Friday the 13th and all. Several weeks ago, I declared that it would be a lucky Friday the 13th, in special observance of my birthday, and so far it has been. Especially since I didn't get a speeding ticket on the way to my birthday lunch. That would have put a serious damper on things. I work for a company that gives you your birthday off as a holiday, so I've been able to play all day. This included a trip to Asiana Grand Buffet, home of the "free buffet on your birthday" special, where I ate my weight in sushi and wontons.

I love birthdays. I've never understood friends and acquaintances who get depressed about birthdays, or the dread and regret they express about becoming some unwanted age. I mean, birthdays are fun. There's cake, and ice cream, and you get to be Queen for a Day! What's not to love? And I love having been born in May, when the flowers in my garden are bright and beautiful, and the weather is perfect for spending the day outside playing in the dirt.

When I was younger, I assumed that the happy anticipation I always feel as my special day approaches would one day fade. Maybe when I reached 30. Or 40. But this was number 48, and it hasn't faded yet. Maybe at 50? I hope not!

So guess what? New birthday Garden Kitty needs a name! Any suggestions?

Look at her sandals! Aren't they cute??


  1. Happy Birthday!! I love your new garden kitty! She is all decked out for the summertime. I think it's awesome that you have a Friday the 13th birthday this year! When the peapod was nearly due in February 2009, I almost hoped that she would come early and be a Firday the 13th baby or the following day, and be a Valentines baby!

  2. Happy birthday! I've always thought the number 13 was lucky too. Love the new garden kitty, very cute! I've never understood the need for people to mope around and moan about their birthdays either. Seems like the ones with a zero on the end are the toughest. I loved being 30, and 40 too. 50 was a bit tough but not horrible, and anyway they zip right by and already I'm at 54 so there was no need to worry about it!

    I knew a woman back when I turned 40, I thought she was the same age as me but she was actually a year older. She could not bring herself to call herself "40" because it seemed too awful. No point lying about your age, you can if you want but it doesn't change the reality. Kind of like high-rise buildings that pretend there isn't a 13th Floor. Well... there is still a 13th Floor, you just happen to call it the 14th Floor!

  3. Happy Birthday to you. Love the Garden Kitty. How about Lucky Lily

  4. happy birthday! what a great idea, giving employees the day off. excellent. i love the garden kitty, and the garden in which she is standing. and no worries about 50: i'm blazing the trail for you and all's good.

  5. Happy Birthday! You have such a joyful spirit -- I expect you'll enjoy all your birthdays, even as the numbers mount!

    The flip flops make me think of Jimmy Buffet -- might she be Margarita? But the green bra made me think of Lady Gaga -- Lady MewMew?

  6. Happy Monday after Birthday!(I am am late on reading this...) I like Lily!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!! Your birthday happiness is infectious and I couldn't agree more - I love my birthday! For all the same reasons.
    As for a name - how about Petunia? I love her flip flops and skirt ;)

  8. Happy belated birthday Brenda. You share the same date as our granddaughter. My husband celebrated his 70th this year and it was the first one that bothered him.

    Love your garden kitty with the flip flops. Pick an uplifting name to go with the pink shoes.

  9. Happy belated birthday!!! :-) I saw your new kitty and immediately heard "Oh my darlin' oh my darlin' oh my darlin' Clementine..." Not sure why since that is a sad song but she seemed like a Clementine at the time...! LOL Enjoy!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Brenda!
    So beautiful your garden kitty and the flip flops too.