Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Springtime Hiatus

First of all, a follow up to my recent post about Lady helping me with the red Knock Out rose shrub that got crushed by the falling screen. That screen ended up falling not once, but twice (now the screen is tied to the fence). Poor rose bush. But, never one to waste a bloom, I salvaged some of the damaged stems I had to clip, and tucked them into little vases here and there around the house. But alas, even some of those were doomed. A bag of groceries inadvertently got set on this one.

Oh well! I didn't waste too much time worrying about it. Seems like now every time I start to fret about some little thing, the images of the neighborhoods in Tuscaloosa Alabama come to mind, and I realize that one broken bush is not that big a deal.

In April and May, I am at my height of gardening nirvana and want to spend every waking moment outdoors. I will keep on digging in the dirt even after the sun has disappeared and I have to resort to turning on all the outside lights to finish up the project of the day. I think if I knew I had one last day on earth, I'd spend it planting petunias.

During the first part of April, I tried to keep up my schedule of regular posting, and visiting my favorite blogs at least every other day. But the tug to do other things has just been too great. So I've decided to give myself permission to take a break and enjoy my springtime diversions.

I'll still be blogging and visiting, but my "computer time" will only be once a week for awhile. Once the weather heats up and its so humid we feel like we're living in a terrarium, I'll be back indoors, happily sitting at my computer in the air conditioning. For now though, I'll be outside with dirt on my hands. Hope you're all enjoying a lovely spring!

Look whose photo I got!! :)


  1. I say wonderful a lot, but I mean it! Though today I will say "excellent!"

  2. With a garden like that, I can see how you want to be outside all the time.
    Can we ask gardening advice...we do some flowerboxes on our deck which gets intense sun from sunrise until noon, and then a lot of shade. We tried planting "sun" flowers, then we even had the "sun/shade" flowers, but nothing is as lush or blooming as a lot of the flowerboxes I see on the street. Do you have any failproof advice for people like us who might not have green thumbs?

  3. Your landscaping is gorgeous! And look at happy Katie! :) Precious. I have to admit though, a cat in a flowerpot is the ultimate WIN.

  4. Wow such beautiful gardens! I'm envious, out here in the west it's so dry that we really need drought-tolerant/ xeriscape plants. They are pretty in their own way but with our limited water, the lushness is just not there. Katie looks so happy, you got a great picture of her. Enjoy your blooms!

  5. Well, this is odd. I got on here today to respond to all the comments from the last couple of days and say "thanks everyone!" Such nice compliments! Except...where did the comments go? I just see one. Maybe blogger is having a glitch. Oh well, I'll still say "thanks!" And Two Pitties - yes! I do have a suggestion for your window boxes. I will leave it on your blog, since mine seems to be acting up.

  6. Oh my Brenda, I know I left a comment but I can't for the life of me remember what I said. Something about our dry western landscapes and how much I envy your lush, beautiful gardens. Such weirdness about Blogger. Love the picture of Katie!

  7. Blogger is broken. I've had a mess of problems catching up with everyone. Either way, your sneaky photography worked! She looks utterly stunned! I understand taking a break to enjoy the outdoors. I'm having to slow down on my reading and commenting lately, too. Your garden is really beautiful!!