Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Whittle Sweetie Pie Snookums...

Our friends Benny and Lily over at Two French Bulldogs recently answered a question in their Ba-Da-Bing column that got me thinking about nicknames. Every pet that has ever shared my life earned a nickname, or two, or twenty, somewhere along the way. I can't say I ever thought much about it before, but Lady, Lucky, Katie, and Lucy all have nicknames that get used at least as often - or more often - than their real names!

Katie Sue
Little Miss Katie Sue
Little Dog
Miss Stubborn As The Day Is Long
Peanut Butter-meister
Moocher Dog

LucBuc (pronounced "Loose Boose")
BowTie Kitty
Sweet Little Bowtie
Little Kitty
Arc-O-Kitty (this would have to be accompanied by a photo to make sense... it's a way she sleeps)
Baby Girl
Butter Kitty

Crazy Dog
Dainty Dog
The Be-With Dog

Luckster Boy
Stinky Breath Dog
The Boy
The Good Dog
Buddy Boy
Schnooter Dog

Writing this post made me smile. :) Nicknames are fun, and handy for a variety of circumstances, from expressing endearment - "What a Sweet Little Bowtie Kitty you are," to frustration - "Come on Crazy Dog, let's go back inside." I bet I'll be updating these lists during the next day or two, as I use nicknames that have not occurred to me here sitting at the computer. Do your furry family members have nicknames?


  1. Great post! I love to hear what nicknames people have for their pets.

  2. Fun post! Yes, nicknames are here, too, although probably not as many as yours have! LOL

  3. Cute little nicknames! We have some here too:

    Ginger: Bunny, Gingy Wingy
    Halle: Halle Berry, Diva
    Toby: Tank
    Jeter: Mama's Boy

    1. Just wondering if Jeter was named after Derek Jeter? ;-)

  4. Fun post, indeed...
    Hugs, bellyrubs and nosetaps to all,
    ~K and The Pups

  5. BOL, we love your should hear what we call momma!!
    Benny & Lily
    PEE S.
    Thnks for mentioning us.

  6. Am nicknamed:
    Psycho Dog
    Tiger Bow
    Vertrude (is the rudest!)
    Mister Squiggles (is Superhero name, do not tell)

    Sister Cookie is nicknamed:
    Cookie Dog

    Nicknames most fun!

    1. Vertrude? Ha! Is that when you are in trouble? Love it!And you have a Superhero name, how cool is that! But I will not tell anyone...

  7. Cute! We have lots of nicknames too...

    Tonka = Tonkaman, Spasimodo, squirm butt, moose butt, and his newest: Mr. Pi$$ypants (for those times when he gets grumpy or snippy with Daisy)

    Daisy = Crazy Daisy, Little Missy, Daisygirl. I'm sure she will accumulate more names the longer she is with us.

    1. Tonkaman and Crazy Daisy, I can totally see that. Moose butt takes a bit more imagination. LOL! Isn't that the way with nicknames??

    2. I like Moose butt. However, Moose is my son's nickname. I can't call one of my pets that. HAHA!

  8. Oh,. yes . . .

    Maggie - aka Miss Magnolia McGoo McGee McGurk, Magoleen, Maggie Moo
    Dan - Danny Boy
    William - Wim, Bill, No Free William
    Willa - Poopsie, The Princess Brat
    Eddie - Ed, Big Ed, Eddicat
    Miss Susie Hutchins - Hutchins, Pooh, Pookity, Piddly Woo

    1. Vicki, if we were having a contest here, I believe you would win the nicknaming Gold Medal. These are hilarious. I especially like 'Miss Magnolia McGoo McGee McGurk!" In fact, that sounds like the character in a good children's story...

  9. Hi Brenda! Halle= same pronunciation as the movie star Halle Berry :)

    1. Well, I'm afraid that didn't help. I've always wondered how to pronounce her name too, lol! But I googled it, so as not to appear totally clueless on your blog (it's okay to appear clueless on mine). says that it's pronounced like "valley." I HAVE been mispronouncing your diva dog's name! :)

    2. Brenda: Pronounce like the guys name Hal and add an E on the end. HAL-E
      It's hard to always pronounce names or places correctly when you are reading them. I am trying to learn German and it's so difficult without hearing a native speaker. So far I can only TYPE in German! haha!

  10. MOL Ms. Brenda...we love the nicknames of your furbabies. OMC mom calls me Mads, Poodle Face (no clue where that one came from) but every morning she says hey Poodle Face), Baby Girl, and Baby Buns and sometimes if Miss Piggy. Yep I've never met a bowl of food I didn't love.

    Mom and I think Miss Emmy needs a nickname too. Perhaps Amazing Emmy.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  11. Our dogs: Eleanor (only used when she is naughty). I call her Ellie or Ellie Mae.
    Theodore . Fondly refereed as Teddy, Teddy Bear or just Bear. Our dogs were named after Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt.

    Libby (our cat) has the official name of Liberty. Nickname is Fat Cat.
    Corbie (our kitten) is officially Corbie. Her nickname is Corbie Dale and pretty kitty.

    All our animals were named historically (except Corbie) because my husband is a High School History teacher.

  12. Brenda, your furry family members look adorable!
    So cute their nicknames.
    I agree with you, the photo of Katie is the best, just gorgeous!
    The nickname of Flora was principally Florinha and Bitucha. (Sigh)

  13. Love this post!

    Harley has a whole pile of nicknames that are used just as often as his real name. Off the top of my head we have:

    Harles Barkley
    Harlesbad Caverns