Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Penny For Your Thoughts

You know the feeling. Engrossed in reading a book, or working on your computer, you suddenly feel it. The dog stare. Lucky and Katie are masters of the dog stare. They will come over and gaze at you with such earnestness, you have no choice but to respond.

"Want to go out?"  No.

"Want to play?"  No.

It seemed that all Katie wanted last night was some love. I rubbed her head, massaging her forehead and behind her ears, working my way down the back of her neck. Apparently that was it. She just closed her eyes, letting the weight of her head sink her chin deeper into the sofa cushion. Sometimes she's so cute I can hardly stand it. Neither Lucky or Lady do this thing that she does, where she rests her chin on the sofa, or chair, or on your leg, gazing up at you with those big soft brown eyes. I've never had any dog do that before. It's adorable.

I wonder what she's thinking. Katie is by far the hardest dog to "read." She's such a serious little dog. Lucky is just a happy-go-lucky boy (no pun intended) always, under all circumstances, and Lady, well, I'm pretty sure I know what's going on in her sweet neurotic head most of the time. She's probably the easiest to read. But Katie is tough. There are times when she's obviously happy - like anytime food is involved, or when someone comes home who has been away for awhile. But all that in between time. She's quiet, and serious, and sometimes I catch her watching me. What is she thinking? Is she happy? I hope so.

A penny for your thoughts, Miss Katie?


  1. Oh, Miss Katie! You look adorable!
    You have sweet and kind eyes. I would love to give you many kisses.

  2. wow---she doesn't just act like riley, she looks like him. what breed is she?

    1. From what I was told, Lucky and Katie are lab/border collie mixes. I figure that's pretty close to right - they have traits of both.

  3. ps riley has learned that if he wants a piece of my buttered toast, he must creep toward me from under the table, and then rest his chin on my knee. i will do anything for him when he does that.

    1. Oh, I hear you... I am putty under those circumstances too, powerless to resist the adorable-ness factor. They're smart, they know. :)

  4. Ellie comes to me so excited and wags her head… that's right, I said her head! She also snorts like a horse. She is so funny! I can usually tell what she wants. My other dog, Teddy, is a bit harder. He is such a docile dog and just stares at you with these sad brown eyes. Just like people, dogs have different personalities.

  5. I am just like you, always keeping an eye on mom
    Benny & Lily

  6. Oh, please give that sweet snooter a kiss for me!!!

  7. That looks like the look of love to me.

    Thanks for the well wishes for my mom person. She came home yesterday after 2 weeks and was so happy to see all of the bloggy love comments that were left for her!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Aww, sweet Katie! We don't know what you're thinking, but you sure are cute!

  9. Thank you dear Brenda for your kind and comforting comment. Yes, Flora looks so much like Katie, in the face!

    Here where I live there is not a meeting for people who have lost their beloved pets... I live in country, far away São Paulo city about three hours. Maybe in São Paulo (a big city, where I was born, raised and lived there till 1998) there is a meeting like this... Yes, would be great to talk with people who understood my sorrow... I don't talk so much with people around me, even friends about my deep sorrow because I am afraid that they did not understand and think I am overacting, do you know?
    I have been having so much kind support and comforting from blog friends, like you, that understand what I feel. Usually many people and some blog friends encouraging me to get another dog friend to shower all my love. I agree with them, I think it will help me so much, but I am not sure yet. You are right, it wasn't that easy!
    Moreover I have been with knee inflammation (sinovite) and I know that another dog demand, request so much task... And I am not young at all... (Lol). But if I will to get another pet, it must be an adult dog, from a shelter, which needs much love and a nice home to welcome her.
    Many thanks dear Brenda for your kind words of support and comforting.

    PS: I have been doing a collage of Flora photos to participate in your Guest Post. I would love to participate and I appreciate your nice invitation so very much! Thanks again!

  10. She is precious, totally, no doubt about it. Please give her a big kiss from me!

  11. Awww... those eyessss! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  12. Hello again, Brenda,
    Yes, when the collage is ready I will let you know or send it to address you sent me. Thank you!

    I think your idea about "the deep bond that we form with the pets in our lives (...) and honor their memory" is just GREAT!
    I also think that your idea of a post about the fellow blog that lost her beloved dogs companion, is GREAT too! I think that it is a beautiful idea to do it with Flora collage and with photos of another pets that passed away...

    I saw you did a beautiful comment on the the Laurie's blog, "Three Dog Blog", when she lost her dear Boscoe. I think that her another dog, Riley, also looks like Flora. (Sigh...)
    I also saw your comment of comfort on Heather Peden's blog, when she lost her dear cat Sammy.

    Did you know Charlene's blog? I found "Charlene and Storm" through the comment of Laurie. Charlene lost her dog Deefa only a month after I lost my Flora. Here some links to her posts: When the sun went black, Loved ones lost.
    But now Charlene got a new dog: New Life.

    I can see that you, me and another blog friends, did a lovely bond and friendship through our so loved pets.
    Thanks again dear Brenda, for another kind and supporting comment!

  13. What a beautiful face Katie has and such expressive eyes....she loves her mama.

    I need to put Madi's round soft bed on my desk like you had in your office post. Maybe she would sit up here with me to....great idea.

    It is definitely too hot for January. Nearly 70 today. Weather is terribly unstable.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  14. Hi Brenda,
    I left you an award on my blog. You have to check out todays post for the details!

  15. Awwwww... Pretty darling, all right!