Monday, February 11, 2013

The Joy Of A Gravel Road

Katie would rather walk down the gravel road outside the back door than go for a hike in the mountains. Not sure what that's all about. When I ask "Who wants to go for a walk?" and we head out the back door, Lady and Lucky run up the ramp into the back of the truck. Katie stands in the driveway staring longingly up the driveway. I have to pat the ramp and coax... "C'mon Miss Katie, let's go! Come on!"

Truth be told, all the dogs love walking down our road. It seems pretty boring to me, I'd rather go somewhere. But it no doubt gives them a chance to check out who or what has been trespassing on "their" road.

Just to the left of the above photo, across the little creek ravine, there's a house where two scary dogs live. They are allowed to run loose, and they sometimes make it over to our side of the road. The house went up for sale a few weeks ago, which was the highlight of my year so far. I am praying for a quick sale! And new neighbors who either don't own dogs, have friendly dogs, or who keep them confined to their property.

I often wonder what they smell on these walks. Wouldn't it be fun to have a dog's nose for 24 hours? Seems like I read somewhere that dogs can tell not only what critter or dog has passed by, but the sex, health, and mood of the passerby - all from the scent left behind. I am so glad Lucky still has his sense of smell. He's had cataracts for years, although it's hard to tell how much they impair his vision. However over the past year he's become quite deaf. I have to tap him to get his attention, and hand movements are necessary to communicate with him. He doesn't seem disturbed by this at all, and it hasn't impacted his desire to go for walks or truck rides, something for which I am quite grateful. When Jessie began losing her hearing and sight, she also lost her desire to leave the house, except for the briefest of outings.

At the top of the hill, where we turn around, there's another dog. And Katie does not trust this dog for one second, despite the fact that it has not moved during the nine months we have lived here. 

You never know, today might be the day when it decides to take some sort of action. 

Can't be too careful. Once Katie has sniffed the area thoroughly and decided things are safe for another day, we head on our way. Back down the gravel road, to home.


  1. Oh too funny! Just yesterday afternoon we were walking the dogs in our neighborhood when Tonka spied a metal sculpture on a short retaining wall. It was copper colored and had a few birds frozen in poses that looked like they were bobbing along on top of the wall. So he dragged us over to sniff some metal bird butts. Apparently he could not catch of whiff of anything alarming, either.

  2. I so enjoy the way you tell a story. :-) And was laughing at Katie's mistrust of the unmoving 'dog' ... my youngest Corgi does that 'outline' recognition, too, and is always exceedingly suspicious. LOL

  3. I can't tell you how much I love reading your posts! So glad the mean dogs are moving! And you'll have to show us the concrete dog next time we're up, I don't remember it.

  4. What a beautiful vista you have. I'd walk it several times of day.
    Hugs Madi

  5. Hi Brenda,
    I will return soon to read this post. Just now looks we will have a big rain here... I must to turn off my computer. I fear the lightning...

  6. Don't you reckon they like to survey 'their' territory? Ours sure do -- every day.

  7. Brenda, you live in a beautiful place!
    Love the road near your house. Looks so nice to walk with your furry friends.
    Really it is so bad that two scary dogs are allowed to run loose. Near my house there were a scary dog and I remember that Flora fears him so much. Then I used to walk with a big stick to protect Flora and me too.
    Have a good weekend. :)