Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Abigail the Kitten

Once and a while I can't resist sharing some of the dogs and cats I encounter in my rescue work. This little handful of fluff is Abigail. I found that grumpy little face adorable, and somehow, miraculously, managed to resist the temptation to bring her home.


Lucy would have never spoken to me again.


  1. Okay, now THAT is one GORGEOUS little girl... My hat is off to you because I don't know how you managed to resist bringing her home! LOL She would be right at home up here in Maine! ;-)

  2. What's funny is that there have been three kittens during the past 5 years that really tugged at my heartstrings, and I still remember all their names! Abigail, Ollie, and Scooby. I've always wondered how people manage to work at shelters. I'd have to build an addition onto my house if I worked with pets in danger of euthanasia. Fortunately all the ones I photograph have been brought into a rescue network, so I know they're safe. :)