Monday, December 20, 2010

There's A Cat In My Bed

Linus and Jessie

When I first had dogs and cats living under the same roof, it surprised me how often the cats got their way. Not anymore. In spite of the fact that the dogs could easily push the cats around, move them out of favored sleeping areas, etc, that's never how it goes. The dog might pout, or come over and look at you - "The cat is in my bed. Can you move her?" - but that's about it. 

However, Miss Lady is the Drama Queen. She'll gaze at her nice soft bed for several long minutes, and pace back and forth, clearly thinking "This is wrong. This is just plain wrong." When the cat ignores all this, she finally drops to the hard floor nearby with a clunk and the most exaggerated, heavy sigh you've ever heard. It's very funny, but you have to try not to laugh. 

Lucy: "It is good to be Queen."


  1. HAHAHA! That is a really GREAT blog post!

  2. Love it, Brenda! My cats had the same power over Gidget, my 130lb great dane that I used to have. Nice blog, too :-)

  3. Thanks Sam and Amy! Though I can't really take credit - Lady, Lucy, and Lucky provide all the entertainment value, I just have to be the recorder. I remember Gidget, now THAT would have been a funny thing to watch, this huge hulking Great Dane letting the cats have their way.