Sunday, December 19, 2010

And Then There Was One

Do you see this cake? Looks yummy, doesn't it? Lady thought so too, and ate the other three on Friday night, aluminum pans and all. The four cakes were intended as Christmas gifts, but sank during the baking process. I'd had a slice when they came out of the oven, and given the dogs some crumbs too (it's not necessarily a bad thing when the first batch doesn't turn out and you have to make the sacrifice of eating it yourself.)

Lady must have thought it was delicious, because in 3 1/2 years she has never stolen food off the counter before. Friday night she ate not only the three cakes and their pans, but also a frozen chicken breast that was thawing on the counter. Now mind you, these things were not on the edge of the kitchen counter - no point in courting temptation! They were pushed all the way back against the backsplash tile. She had to work at it. But she managed. Thankfully the chicken breast was boneless. But the cake tins....geesh.

How much of this stuff did she eat?

The vet recommended coming in for an X-ray, which turned out to be "inconclusive."  The doctor decided against making her throw up, since any sharp edges might do more damage coming back up. She poked and prodded Lady's stomach to see if she could feel anything of concern (that must have been fun for Lady, ugh) - but didn't detect anything that warranted emergency intervention. According to the vet, dogs can eat - and uneventfully pass - some pretty incredible things. She said she'd seen dogs that had eaten knives, razor blades, needles, and nails without incident. The final recommendation was to just wait and see. So here's hoping all comes out okay in the end (sorry, I couldn't resist :)

Meanwhile they're calling her "Tin Pan Lady."  Stay tuned....

"But it smelled SO good..."


  1. hmmm... Lady does sound an awful lot like my Murdoch; those soft eyes and innocent features masking a diabolical brain.
    Murdoch has never eaten tin pans - yet - but has devoured more than his fair share of gloves.

  2. Oh my! Not very lady-like behavior...

    And your previous post on Lucky make me so happy that you saved him...

  3. Lady-Lady-Lady I hope you will be okay. But I hoped you enjoyed the cakes and chicken. Theresa

  4. LOL!! I love it that you're stopping by to visit Theresa - been thinking about ya. And

    Heather, your comment made me laugh, "diabolical brain"... love it!

    Vicki, re-reading all that info about the flood and the investigation brought back so many things I had forgotten. I gave Lucky a big extra helping of love that day after reading it all.

    Sam, I'm happy to report that 48 hours later Lady seems none the worse for her tin pan/cake/raw chicken eating experience. :)