Thursday, December 16, 2010

Traveling With (or Without?) Pets

It's always hard to leave the furry kids behind when traveling (particularly when they insert themselves into the suitcase!), but sometimes it's just not practical to take them along. I love taking the dogs on trips when circumstances permit. Lucy, not so much. I know that cats can make good traveling companions, since I have friends who regularly take their cats along on trips. My friend's sister even took her cat on a road trip from North Carolina to Canada! I wouldn't make it to the state line with Lucy before leaping out of the car and running off screaming down the highway. She yowls insistently and constantly as if you are driving her to her execution. Her brother Linus, pictured above, wasn't much better.

Once I read that cats hate riding in the car because they associate the experience with going to the vet. This makes sense. The article recommended taking your cat for little rides around the neighborhood as part of an acclimation effort. "See? Isn't this fun? We're just riding around, and then we'll go back home!" It sounded like a great idea, so
I decided to try it.

I wish that I could insert a little drawing here to illustrate what that looked like. Picture a frazzled driver clutching at the steering wheel, eyes bugged out, driving up and down the neighborhood roads trying to shout soothing phrases to a yowling cat in the back seat. It never ceases to amaze me that such a diminutive black and white kitty can bring a large and rational human being to her knees so easily. I gave up after one try.

In my opinion, it's much easier to travel with dogs.


  1. LOL Thanks for the visual! I agree. WAY easier with dogs. Take Lucy in a car and add nine more felines, all yowling, and you have my half hour drive ten years ago from a rental to our new house. In summer. Windows down. It's a wonder I didn't get pulled over by a cop or a concerned citizen, since it sounded like torture was being imposed upon the innocent dears. And yet, I did have ONE cat who adored riding in a car; she could be loose and would sit on the seat and look out the windows. But then, she wasn't afraid of anything - nothing - ever.

  2. Oh my, Darla!! I bet that one one LO-O-O-ONG half hour drive!! Yes, I've had one cat like that too, his name was Bud. He was just fine in the car, and was even laidback enough to be at the vet loose. I think I usually took him in a towel, but that was more for everyone else's comfort level. Sam - how do Tiger and Chrissy ride in the car?