Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reflections from the North Shore

Another day in northern Minnesota with clean socks, no dogs beaming "take me for a walk" messages into my brain, and no kitty trying to carry on a conversation in the background while I type. So instead of an amusing pet anecdote, I share my moment of perfect joy at Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore.

My soul just soars in this place.


  1. Spectacular photos! Isn't it wicked strange, though, without critters around?! But in a nice way when all else is in harmony...

    P.S. Happy to mail you some dog or cat fur if you start going through withdrawals... ;-)

  2. Seeing deep blue water and chiseled cliffs like that somehow makes me breathe a little easier. (It is much nicer with fur on your socks though.)
    ps.. I would love to write about my Max for your site sometime. How would I go about doing that? :)

  3. Ah yes, I miss them. It does seem so strange! I keep catching myself thinking that it's time to take them out or whatever. And Heather, great! I'm actually not sure -I've seen others do it but am not sure how they did it. Let me look into it.....

  4. Oh My GOSH! It is calling my name!!!!