Monday, December 27, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

This will be like one of those picture games. What's wrong with my sock? Can you tell at a glance?

No, it's not on backwards, or upside down. And there aren't any holes in it.

Do you give up? There's not a single dog or cat hair on it, that's what's wrong with it! I will be dog-less and cat-less for most of this coming week, and it is so strange. When I wake at night, I listen for Lucky snoring, or one of Lady's long melodramatic sighs after she changes positions in her bed and settles down to sleep again. But the night is silent. And my socks are clean. There are no opportunistic dog hair dust bunnies to latch onto my feet as I walk across the room. Northern Minnesota is a beautiful place, and I wish they could be here to sniff the cold, clear air, and romp about in the snow. But it wasn't practical to bring them this time.

I'll have to keep my eyes open in the coming days for other types of "Scratch Behind The Ears," moments and scenes - ones that don't involve the furry kids left behind at home. That is, unless I get a report from their sitter that bears repeating. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

I'll begin my week of blogging from the road with this scene of Lake Superior that never ceases to create joy in my soul. Duluth's ship canal is right outside my window, and it's as peaceful and serene a place as you'll ever come across. Except for a few moments ago, when the baritone blast from one of the big ore ships entering the harbor caught me off guard and almost jarred me out of my chair. But other than that....

Sunrise over an icy Lake Superior