Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lucky's Story, Part II

Lucky's first night of freedom after 4 years of confinement,
freshly bathed and fed, but panting from anxiety.

The situation after the flood at All Creatures Great and Small was desperate and overwhelming - more than 500 rescued dogs and cats were temporarily housed at an old prison with virtually no supplies. But the community rallied around these poor neglected and now displaced animals. Coworkers and friends helped out, as did several businesses in the area. Mary, owner of the small business Asheville Pet Supply, was particularly generous, donating not only basic needs like leashes and collars, but also dog treats and boxes of medicated shampoo for irritated skin. This was an expensive and particularly welcome gift as some of the dogs stood in filthy water for 12-14 hours awaiting rescue. On a return trip to volunteer later that week, a friend and I took a truck full of donated blankets, bedding, food, leashes, shampoo, and more.

We found "Pal" in a dingy, darkened building with no electricity, in a cage so small he couldn't stand up. He was lying on his side, with one wall of the cage pressing against his back, the other sides touching his paws, head, and tail. A dog in a box, basically. As soon as we entered the building, all of the dogs began a frantic chorus of loud barking. I'd walked in, and planned to walk right out. It was deafening and overwhelming, a sea of crates filled with barking dogs. But I looked down near my feet, and this dog in a box just raised his head slightly and looked at me, into my eyes.

It was sort of like the old starfish story - we can't help them all, but we can help this one. On the way home, Pal became "Lucky." The idea was to take him out of that wretched place and get him adopted. Yeah, right.

Welcome home, Lucky.

Lucky, 3 months after his rescue, not as nervous now....


  1. LOVE the 'after' photo. Bless you for saving him. You're right. We can't save them all, but there is always one (or more) that we can *know* without a doubt has a forever home -- with us. (((BIGHUG))) to you AND to Lucky!

  2. What a story! I love that photo. As my mom used to say when she would see an animal (or person) strike a pecular pose: "Position is everything in life!"

  3. Brenda, I have tears on my eyes reading the Lucky's Story, Part I and Part II and the story about others dogs.
    You are so charitable and generous!
    I am glad for you welcome Lucky in your home. Yes, how lucky Lucky is.
    Love the photo too.
    Bless you for saving him.